Law and Policy

The ecological change raises noteworthy social, regular Further genuine tests. The administration system applying will be ecological change might bewilder Furthermore multi-level. A concentration issue is overall law. Furthermore technique will be the means by which countries of the globe on the off chance that it circulates the inconvenience of keeping an eye on overall ecological change. Countries around the globe need to take basic activities and choices to handle this essential issue of environmental change. A focal issue in universal law and strategy is the way nations of the world should allow the weight of tending to worldwide environmental change. Countries around the planet need to take strict activities and choices to handle this critical issue of climate change.

  • Track 1-1 Climate Change Act 2016(Mitigation and Adaptation Framework)
  • Track 2-2 Energy Act 2006
  • Track 3-3 National Environmental Policy 2013
  • Track 4-4 National Policy for Disaster Management

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